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Progress Shot from #notsotraditional Project

Over the last year or two, I'm sure you've noticed an uptick in designers/people leaning towards using color on cabinets. Ranging from pink to black, the world is ready to have more fun with cabinets and I'm totally here for it all. So I'm sharing my current favorite cabinet colors to hopefully inspire you for your next cabinet project (or just in general!).

Now, I'm not against white cabinets which should be obvious since they are in my own home. However, I am definitely always thinking of other color options I could do when (or if) I decide to update my kitchen.

Design by Light & Dwell

1. black tones

Let's just get the most controversial one out of the way now, black cabinets. I get it, not for everyone but maybe could be for more people than previously thought! Especially for those that prefer a moodier vibe, like myself. Why do I love it? The super saturated nature of the black just allows for all the other elements in the kitchen like the hardware, stone, interior doors, just pop so much more. I can't even begin to tell you how brass hardware with black cabinets make me feel. That combo just creates such an elevated look.

Design by Ashe Leandro

Now, things don't have to be such a stark black. Things can lean a little more grey or an ashy black if you prefer a little less saturated look. If you also are looking to tone down or balance such a dark color, you can look at incorporating a wood tone in a free standing island. Adding in a wood tone will add a nice layer of warmth too. Also, adding a white or cream color backsplash and countertop will obviously help tone everything down. To me, those that would want to incorporate black, would be those that are looking for a more modern or transitional look.


Design by Devol Kitchens

2. putty tones

This is probably my top colorway at the moment for cabinets. These colors typically read more warm and can sometimes read as two different colors depending on the lighting. It's always nice to get a two for one special, right? There is also a much larger range of color options with the putty tones and you can go lighter or darker or somewhere inbetween.

Design by Leydi Milagros

These tones can also just be muted down versions of other colors, like green, red, grey, and even pink. This allows you to have a lot of fun with choosing different hues or even mixing and matching colors like doing your uppers in a different color then your lowers. I would say those who lean a little more indecisive (like me!) or aren't ready to make the full leap into a saturated color, like black, the putty tones would be a good place to start! These colors can really lean in any direction, boho, modern, traditional, etc.


Design by Alison Giese

3. green Tones

I would hope at this point, it would come as no surprise that I would include green tones in this list. In my book (world), green is a neutral color when done right. There will not be any lime green over here so think more of an earthy green. This can seem like you're locking yourself into a color forever given that repainting cabinets is not as easy as repainting a wall. Again, I hear you. However, like I said, an earthier tone of green can and should feel like a neutral color.

Design by Unique Kitchens & Bath

Given that we are staying in the earthy realm of greens, these colors tend to lean on the warmer side and can create an inviting atmosphere. You are also not limited to countertop or hardware or backsplash restrictions even though you are technically using a color. Personally, I've been loving green cabinets with a black soapstone countertop. Again, if doing all green is too much, you can always include wood tones either in an island or doing the uppers or lowers in a wood tone and the other in a green.


Let me know if you have or would try color cabinets! As always, thank you for being here and hope you found some inspiration (even if just a little) because that's all I want.

xx Kevin


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