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Here we are, the last reveal (for now) from Client Woodland Magic. The living room was the last room to be completed due to COVID shipping delays that are still very much a thing, so it seems only fitting it’s the last room reveal. To get caught up on the other reveals, you can check out the Office Reveal and the Dining Room Reveal through the links!

This room was also the most furnished to begin with and is the most heavily used room in the house. The big objective here was to remove some of the bulkier furniture given that the actual space isn’t very large, and the room is flanked with a large, stone fireplace. It’s also a stunning fireplace, I must say.

The coffee table, given its central location of the room, really determined the rest of the furniture because everything would have to revolve around it. Lucky for us, the coffee table was probably the easiest decision because both me and the clients were obsessed with this round, wooden coffee table. Also, it has the chunkiest legs that just make her even more special. The round shape helped the flow of traffic and helped make the space feel more open.

Lastly, we opted for this entertainment stand because of the glass paneling on all sides. This again helps everything in the space feel airier and more open. And that wood-tone just can’t be beat!

We did sprinkle in some antiques within this space and overflowed them into their entry way since it is adjacent to the living room. However, we opted for more modern style pieces in here given the fireplace having a more traditional, cottage vibe to it.

I think what makes this room so special to me and the clients, which I haven’t shared yet, is that this is where they spend a lot of time with their newborn baby boy! They got the call that they had been approved to adopt a baby the day before (literally) I was supposed to fly out but that they still very much wanted me to come finish the install. I couldn’t think of anything better than getting their house ready for them and their baby boy.

This room is where they spend a lot of their time as a FAMILY and that just makes my heart so happy. Does that mean a nursery design is coming soon? Maybe so :) To check out the full catalog of this project, head on over to our Portfolio!

Thanks for being here, as always!


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