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Design by Sean Anderson
Design by Sean Anderson

I've always been the type of person who NEEDS their home to feel like a home. For example, any time I've moved in the past, I will unpack literally as much as I can on day one until my body gives out on me. I'm not kidding. I don't like living in "the in-between". However, this has led to a false sense of completion in my home. I am approaching the third anniversary of moving into my current home and I've started to realize that there are so many things that I need to finally address.

This feeling really started when I moved forward with swapping out the carpet upstairs. I've been saying I was going to do it since I moved in and then more-so when Chopper passed because he had stained the carpet bad. Obviously, flooring is not a small change, but it got me thinking about all the other things I've been saying I was going to do and haven't done yet. So, I know I've been talking about making changes for a few months now (I'm so sorry) but as stated earlier, I want to make sure what I do feels intentional. I promise not to use that word more than a few dozen times. I've always believed that the small details make the biggest impact in a space so it's about time I took my own advice. Not everything has to be a huge remodel or intricate DIY project. So, let's dive into what I'm planning for this little, tiny house of mine.

1. paint

Design by Tali Roth

Ok, ok-- I know, paint is necessarily an easy project because it can be tedious and can really mess up your back (speaking from experience, obviously). However, paint can make such an impact and change the whole feel of space. I've talked about paining my lower level or more specifically, my living/dining room area so we are starting there. I always talk about moody spaces and how much I love them, but I only have 1.5 rooms in my house that truly feel moody. I see the whole space being a muted but moody color surrounding me a nice big warm hug. I've already been scoping out some paint colors, but I'll share those when I've gotten a solid group of colors I like.

I'm also planning to either paint or panel or both my entryway/entry hallway too but I still haven't figured out a game plan for that so that is still very much TBD. I've also been thinking about painting my guest room and really want to paint the ceiling and molding in my room.

2. Lighting

Design by Heidi Caillier

I'm big on soft lighting and not the biggest fan of overhead lighting. I love lighting being close to eye level so, again, you feel that you are really immersed in the space. However, there are instances where it's necessary or makes more sense (there's an exception to everything right?). Many of you probably have no idea, because I've mastered my angles, that I have a very basic, white, ceiling fan in my living room. I've only turned in on maybe twice since I've lived here. Thank goodness for a cinderblock framed house. So, I'd love to swap it out for more architectural lighting fixture but that will still give off a subtle light should I turn it on.

I'm very embarrassed to share the next thing, but I have a lone boob light that still lives here. It's located in the upstairs hallway, so no one ever really sees it but me, but I know it's there. It also has a bright LED bulb in it that I've never changed since I moved in and it's just so aggressively bright and harsh for that tiny hallway. I don't plan on doing anything crazy other than switching out for a more modern flush mount. I've already got one coming, which I'll share soon! I know that's probably so annoying to hear.

3. hardware

Design by Jaqui Seerman

I've been meaning to swap out a lot of my door hardware for a while now. There's nothing wrong with them, but they just don't feel like me and the rest of the home. They're currently just a standard, silver doorknob. I would love to swap them out with either black or brass and do something that has a little more of a punch. Going along with that, want to either swap out my interior doors or do something to them so they don't feel, again, basic. Also, my main level and my upstairs doors are a completely two completely different styles, and it drives me insane. So, either way something needs to be done to them, so that they feel cohesive.

Design Amber Interiors

Well, there you have it! My preliminary plan in a nutshell! Will it all happen? Who really knows with me. But I want to make it a point to try my very best to at least touch each of the above categories in the very near future. Again, the small details are what make up the bigger picture so we can't overlook those just because they may be small or hidden from the world. If you see them, you should like what you see! Again, needing to take my own advice. So please hold me accountable. Seriously, message me and see where I'm at with certain things because I know I'll need it, haha.

All the photos used are what I'm being drawn to do it with each of the above categories, just an FYI. What do you think of the plans? Are you going to hold me accountable because, again, I really need that in my life.

As always, thanks for being here!


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