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Well 2021 is off to a great (slightly terrifying) start. Dexter & Plaid is now an Interior Design Studio! As I've been sharing recently, I left my corporate job to pursue my passion for design. This was not an easy decision for many reasons. Obviously we're still very much in a pandemic so leaving a stable job to start your own business probably was not the best thing for me to do. However, I've always had the mindset of just going after what you want because we only get a limited time on this Earth (hopefully not though).

I also mentioned that my mental health was one of the driving factors for this big life change and that's 100% true. I had days where I could barely force myself to get out of bed. I was constantly in a state of mental fatigue and I just felt like a shadow version of myself. Once I came to terms with how that job was affecting me, I knew I had to make a change very quickly. Naturally, my rational mind took me to applying to other jobs that were more aligned with my passions. Every time I would hit "Submit Application", a little voice would say "We should really just start our own thing Kevin". Then shortly after the New Year, I decided to listen to that voice and take the leap! I have not had a single regret either.

I started the Dexter and Plaid Instagram back in 2018 as my creative outlet, document the process of moving into my first home and connect with other like minded people. All those boxes were checked very early on. My Instagram will still serve me for all those things but it will now also become a mini-portfolio of my future projects and a journal of my new journey.

If you haven't taken a look around the newly designed website yet, let's give a quick run down of the services I am offering as of now. I am offering both full-service and virtual design services where I'll work with you to create a fully customized design plan for your space(s) and be with you through the whole process. I also am offering staging, styling, sourcing and consultation services for those not needing the whole shebang.

Another branch of the website I'm focusing on will be this blog! I've had a blog in the past but with my previous job, I was unable to devote the time and attention I wanted to it. Now this blog will hopefully be a place where you can come to as a design resource and connect with me more. Also, the blog will serve as a place where I will breakdown any recent project reveals!

And if you've made is this far, I would love to explain the meaning behind Dexter and Plaid. Dexter is my middle name which was given to me due to it being my Great Grandfather's name. He was an artist and a very creative person so I feel that he is the one who gives me my creative drive. Lastly, plaid is just my uniform. I'm usually always in some form of plaid and love the casual style and feeling that it invokes. That casual feel is something I love to capture in my designs. So there you go!

I can't thank you enough for being here and hope you'll stick around for all the shenanigans!

+ Kevin

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