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Kevin founded Dexter and Plaid on his passion for interior design that stems back to childhood. The main inspiration that fuels Dexter and Plaid are styles from past eras and how they all can play together in a space. The signature style of Dexter and Plaid is a mix moody colors and patterns paired with elements that evoke a nostalgic feeling that still feels modern. 

Kevin's primary background is in the customer service industry but has loved and studied design for years. Finally, he decided to take the leap and leave his corporate job to fully launch Dexter and Plaid.


When he's not designing, Kevin can usually be found at an antique store or enjoying an IPA (somewhere with a view preferably). He's also a fiend for some true crime documentaries.

Make sure to follow along on the journey and stay up to date on all things going on at Dexter and Plaid!



Dexter and Plaid is a boutique interior design studio based out of Leesburg, Virginia. The goal at Dexter and Plaid is to create spaces utilizing thoughtfully layered elements to create a truly curated look that feels modern but still timeless.

We believe that the design process should be straightforward and worry-free for our clients. Our team will help manage your custom design plan from start to finish to ensure the vision of the design and your needs are met. 

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