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Fun fact – I love styling beds. There’s nothing I enjoy more than adding sheets, throws, quilts, pillows, patterns, textures, colors, etc. You can do so much on a small space! It’s just the best. So, I thought I would share my “best practices” on how I like to style beds and get them looking extra fluffy and cozy.

The Comforter

The comforter is usually the piece of bedding that is noticed first so it needs to be ready to stand on its own. My biggest recommendation is to try to go up a size in your comforter than what your duvet cover size is. For example, my bed is a queen so I have my duvet cover in a queen size but the insert is a king size. Similar to what we do with throw pillows, the larger size insert fills out the duvet really nicely and gives it that extra "fluff" factor.

There's another option (that I do in my guest room), where I stack two comforters the size of the duvet cover and stuff/secure them. As you can imagine, stacking two comforters on top of each other is going to give you a nice full look but it can be a little more challenging to wrangle them both.

Lastly, once it's all stuffed, I'll fold the comforter to about half way down the bed, which is going to put extra height at the end of the bed so you'll have a better balance when you add all the pillows.



Design: Studio McGee

The pillows

I don't think I need to go too in depth here, given that most people use pillows to sleep on so obviously those will be on the bed. I recommend having at least two rows of "sleeping pillows". One row will be in a sham or pillowcase and the other in another pillowcase set. Again, I like to mix and match but try to tie the colors and tones to the duvet/sheets.

Then in front of those, I'll do my throw pillows. I personally don't like having too many throw pillows. Sometimes I'll have two square pillows and a lumbar in front or sometimes I'll just have a lumbar. Really just depends on my mood. Again, I like to mix and match the pillows to create a collected, casual look. However, I will try to match the colors/tones of the rest of the bedding. I'll also make sure that the front throw pillow touches the edge of the comforter's crease (since we folded it in half, remember?).


Design: Lindsey Frank Design

The quilts/throws

The final piece is adding the top and final layer(s) to the bed ensemble, the quilts and throws. I love adding a quilt on top of the bottom half of the duvet. Then drape a throw, casually, across the quilt. I'll usually do an opposing pattern to the duvet. For example, if the duvet has a pattern, I'll probably do a patterned quilt and vice versa. The same would then go for the the throw you place on top of the quilt.


I know I didn't touch much on the sheets, but that's because I like to keep them relatively neutral. I basically apply the same rules as I do with the duvet and the quilt. I try not to have any bold patterns on my sheets, if any, so that the pieces discussed above can do their thing without conflict. I view the sheets as a more subtle, background, layer.

Hope this was helpful and feel free to let me know what tips you want to see next!

Thanks for being here,



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