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It’s here! The first completed project of 2022. This was such a fun project to work on as it was my first completely virtual project. This bathroom needed a serious overall as it was still living in the 1980s. I mean, the vanity was still in the bedroom with carpet underneath it. The shower and toilet lived in a very small, what I would call, closet. So, we needed to open it up and bring into the 2020s.

Obviously, the biggest improvement was tearing down the wall between the vanity and the toilet. Then added a new wall to the opposite side of where the new vanity would be to create a more private bathroom setting. The shower stall was able to be extended too which also helped in making the bathroom feel much larger.

The clients preferred a more modern aesthetic which was fun for me as I hadn’t really worked on a primary modern centric space yet. However, being me, I still wanted to make it feel warm and collected. I went with these beautiful large, concrete-style, hexagon floor tiles. The concrete style added a nice organic element to the floors while being in a very modern shape. That was carried into the shower floor where there is just smaller version of that tile. I love the contrast of seeing the larger tiles and then moving towards the smaller as it visually makes the shower area feel big.

For the wall tile in here, I opted for a traditional/modern subway tile but having it laid in a vertical brick stack, again, to bring your eye up and give the illusion of more height in there. We also framed in the shower and the shower niche in a marble pencil trim to add another organic feeling element to that space.

The main element in the room, is the solid wood vanity that has this raw finish to it and paired with the other modem elements, feels so nice. The brass elements on it also add a nice warmth. Above the vanity, we hung two modern, sleek, pendants to free up wall space but also add another element that helps bring the eye up.

The room now feels 10x larger and that more than one person could fit in there at a time. I can’t thank my clients enough for fully trusting me with the design and allowing me to blend both of our styles together in this space. I am beyond obsessed with how it turned out!

You can check out more of this project here !

As always, thanks for being here.

xx Kevin

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