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If you’ve been following along on the #clientwoodlandmagic journey, then you probably had an idea this was coming. But as a quick reminder— the day before I was scheduled to fly down for the main install the clients got the call that they had been approved to adopt a newborn baby boy. So naturally, he needed an amazing nursery.

The home has a total of three bedrooms, one of them now being the new office. This meant we also wanted it to serve as a guest room, when needed. Other than that, we were able to have some fun! However, we were all on the same page with not making this space feel too “baby cliché”. This room faces into the main area of the home, so it is very visible, and we wanted everything in the room to flow with the rest of the house.

First, we installed shiplap but only halfway up the wall to add some visual interest and dimension to the walls. Then chose this warm, beigey-grey paint to emphasis the neutral vibe we were going for. These elements really helped to warm up the space immediately. Like the office, we framed in an existing wardrobe in thick crown molding to make it feel like custom built-in and help it flow with the entire room.

We also opted to go with more gender-neutral colors because, again, the room is very visible, and we wanted to go against the norm that says, “baby boy rooms should be blue”. This doesn’t mean we didn’t add some fun elements. We decided to incorporate a subtle space theme through the bedding, art, mobiles, and some space-centric finishes like the child’s space suit and helmet. I am honestly so obsessed with the suit hung on the wall. SO OBSESSED.

Then to continue keeping things fun and light, we utilized some pattern-play in the space. We opted for a thick, striped area rug in grey that ties nicely with the panel paint color. Then the crown jewel, is this vintage, green gingham sofa. The bonus, it’s a sleeper sofa so that means this room can function as guest room when it’s needed to but not feel like two rooms in one.

The final elements were the floating shelves that match the wood tone of the crib and also allow for functional storage that still looks real cute. We also incorporated a dresser to be used both as storage and a changing table. Lastly, we incorporated brass elements where we could, to further make the space feel warm and inviting for the little man.

I could not be happier with how the space turned out and it honestly makes my little heart happy knowing he’s going to use and enjoy it with his family. I just feel beyond honored that they allowed me to make this room for their son. Also, who knew I could do a nursery!? I certainly did not but we sure did one! To see all the photos from #clientwoodlandmagic, click here!

As always, thanks for being here!


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