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We’re back again with another #clientwoodlandmagic reveal! This week we’re spotlighting the dining room. This room, compared to the office we shared last week, was more about furnishing it with pieces that worked for the space vs. having to change the space. (To get caught up on the Office reveal, head here to read all about it!)

The clients love to entertain so the dining table needed to be large enough to accommodate a good amount of people for dinners, game nights, tastings, etc. This space was also needing furniture that felt cohesive within the actual space but with the rooms around it, like the living room. Luckily for me, it was pretty much a blank slate in here!

The biggest decision was figuring out if we wanted to go modern with the table/chairs or lean more traditional to pull in the various details of the house. I mean, please pay attention to that stained-glass transom window.

Pulling in inspiration from the office, we decided to lean more modern and introduce more traditional, vintage charm into the space as accent elements. This table is long, sturdy, and perfect! The modern lines juxtaposed nicely with the home’s charm.

For the chairs, we knew we wanted to mix and match a little bit with the captain and surrounding chairs. For most of the dining chairs, we opted for these black modern-traditional windsor chairs so not everything felt super modern. Then for the captain chairs, we did these great upholstered barrel chairs. I am obsessed with them. They feel modern but with the softer lines and texture don't overload the space.

The final elements were lighting, bar stools, and finishing details. The main chandelier was always going to be the one we went with. It fit the space and table so well while also adding to that modern-traditional style.

Since they do entertain a lot and spend a lot of time in the kitchen, it was important to still incorporate bar stools. With the location of the bar in relation to the main dining space, they had to flow almost seamlessly. The ones we chose have almost the exact wood tone of the dining table and the black leather seat cushions tie right into the bulk of the dining chairs. Their very modern style also pairs great with the table.

Lastly, had to still incorporate some vintage details in here because I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t. So, bring in this buffet that we used to flank the dining room. I mean she is perfect in every way. With it being a larger piece, it’s able to stand on its own against the dining table to create this beautiful harmony. And of course, I had to add this huge vintage painting above her.

I am super pleased with how everything came together in this space given that we were literally purchasing everything and hoping it worked together. Whereas in the office, we built the largest piece and were able to make it how we wanted. It feels so light and open but still can accommodate all the people and activities. I just hope I’m getting a Thanksgiving dinner invite one day!

To see all the photos from this reveal, head here! Stay tuned for next week when we reveal the final space of this home—the living room!

Thanks for being here,



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